Mexican Handmade Indoor Furniture

Mexican Handmade Indoor Furniture

Interior design inspired by Mexico’s rich cultural legacy is both eye-catching and unique. If you are considering Mexican style house decor, you probably know how special the country is. You have probably traveled there in the past, wanting to bring as much art and crafts as you could physically fit in your suitcase. The rich traditions, delicious foods, and colorful customs make the country the perfect inspiration for home design. However, there are many substantial items so characteristic for Mexican artisan work that one cannot bring back home such as Mexican handmade indoor furniture. The good news is that we are a company that offers authentic copper and iron dining tables, decorative copper mirrors, beautiful farmhouse sinks and copper range hoods and many more custom-made appliances and decorations that will spice up any style of home.

handmade indoor furniture

Our collection of Mexican handmade indoor furniture consists of custom pieces of furniture made of forged iron, wood and copper, all sustainable and earthly materials so fashionable in the last years. Most of our Mexican, handcrafted furniture can be used in both interiors and exteriors, especially the Mexican equipal chairs and bar stools. Traditionally associated with Southern courtyards, today this type of seating blends rustic details with an organic shape, making it a cozy option for just about any space in your home. Crafted from tanned pigskin and Mexican cedar this barrel shapes furniture is made by hand with all-natural materials. You can still find them in hacienda style patios but also lavish dining rooms in California or LA. People live handmade Mexican furniture because the artisan craft is known internationally for great quality and durability. You can easily match our rustic chairs with hand-hammered copper tables that also add an old-world charm to the interiors. The equipal bar stools are used quite often to create an outdoor or indoor bar area in both private residences and businesses such as Mexican restaurants, eclectic bars and one-of-a-kind venues.

Our equipal dining sets are ideal for when you need pieces to do double duty—providing comfortable, practical seating while adding to the overall design aesthetic of a space. They also easily fit into rustic ambiences, both traditional and modern. We have many decorative elements that will help you to create a cohesive look with our indoor Mexican furniture for example iron lighting fixtures. All of our products can be customized so the models found on the web page might work as a reference to a more personal design that reflects our customer's style and also each piece of furniture adjusts to the size requirement of your home.