Custom Rock Star Gothic Jewelry by Roman Paul

Custom Rock Star Gothic Jewelry by Roman Paul

As a manufacturer of unique, hand-made decor, we also have in offering custom rock star gothic jewelry art by Roman Paul. This Los Angeles based designer and former rock star creates jewelry that incorporates 18k gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, precious and semiprecious stones. They include anniversary gothic rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

His incredible works of art are inspired in Medieval legends of old Europe. As functional as it is, his luxury gothic jewelry recalls an intimate connection between imagination and art. It transports us into the world of a fairy tale, Middle age knights, kings and queens. All items are unique and the process of creation is rather gradual in order to highlight all the astonishing details. As all of his work is done by hand, drawing sketches and then carving wax and metals, continuing the tradition of hand craftsmanship.

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As Roman Paul says, his custom rock star gothic jewelry art is formed with similarity to shapes and colors used in patterns and design of architecture reaching as far as gothic and renaissance. It gives them a beautiful vintage flair but at the same time, many of his creations are quite modern, made for a rock star music enthusiast.

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His art is widely known within a crowd of Beverly Hills, Malibu and Hollywood. PAUL'S unique gothic jewelry hit just right note with customers everywhere, including such Hollywood luminaries like Bon Jovi, Axl Rose, Halle Berry, Antonio Banderas, Linda Hamilton, David Cassidy, Billy Connoly,, Tom Petty and even Aerosmith.

Take a look at our Roman Paul’s collection to find perfect bracelets, pendants and earrings your favorite performing artists are wearing. One of those authentic Gothic jewelry art pieces can be a great present for a man or a woman or your own extravagance. If you love exclusive and uncommon jewelry, you will, for sure find a great match! Necklaces with swords reminding us of knights tales, bronze pendant Fleur De Lis, rings with crowns that are worth any king, queen in heart and rock star celebrities, are some of his incredible gothic jewelry designs.