Square Copper Tabletops on Sale

Square Copper Tabletops on Sale

Elevate the enjoyment of your customers and add some stunning copper tables in your bar or restaurant. My Custom Made has a special offer for all the business owners who care about quality décor and saving some money. For our commercial buyers, we have an amazing opportunity to fill their spaces with unique style with our square copper tabletops on sale. Custom copper appliances can upgrade any home décor, but they can do even more in a busy restaurant in need of reliable pieces of furniture that withstand thousands of customers and many years.

custom square and round copper tabletops

The atmosphere of your business is as important as the treats you are offering to your clients. Whether it is a delicious dinner, exquisite wine or a matcha latte, you want your restaurant or bar to stand out from the crowd with a stunning and unusual style. One of the most trendy furniture options is a dining table with a beautiful copper tabletop. It will add a surprising twist to the existing décor and you can even recycle the old table legs if they match with the warm tone of the copper. The copper will fit with many materials such as wood or many other metals such as black iron. Depending on the type of base, your square copper tabletops on sale can bring a very modern feeling or, on the other hand, an authentic rustic style. That is why you should definitely consider furnishing your restaurant or bar with handmade copper tabletops. Our company designed extra strong metal tabletops having commercial use in mind. Both round and square tabletops are made of thick plywood instead of particleboard covered with a single hammered copper sheet. Such production technique assures there are no sharp edges nor moisture penetration. We even added an additional layer of protection by spraying tables underneath with oil paint. It waterproofs it and gives it a longer life span. Additionally, an incomparable benefit of adding copper in businesses that involves food or beverages is that it is the most antibacterial of all metals. It is also proven that any bacteria or viruses (including Covid) die faster on a copper surface which makes our hand-hammered copper tabletops the safest option on the current market.

The square copper tabletops wholesale include 10 tabletops at a discounted price. The size of those boards is 24x24 which is a popular measurement, especially if you are looking to maximize your gains. A well-balanced mix of table styles will minimize your guests waiting for seating which will end up in positive reviews from your clients.You can easily match this table design with another Mexican beauty-equipal chairs. If you are serving a fast-food type you will require less dining space per person at the table versus a three-course dinner. Apart from square tables, we also produce them as round and rectangular. You can also find copper dining tables that have options of customizing them in size, shape and patina finish.