Mexican Style Mirrors

Mexican Style Mirrors

The Mexican interior design is one of the most characteristic ones in the world and includes strong, sometimes contrasting colors, natural materials, and decorative textiles. This stunning country offers a broad array of artisan craftsmanship from custom copper appliances, native jewelry, and clothing to breathtaking decorative items such as Mexican style mirrors.

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If you want to add a little bit of that rich and joyful spice to your life, your Southern-inspired home does not have to feel overwhelmed with colors, patterns, and textures similar to those you can find in Mexico. Sometimes adding a little bit of Mexican flair is what your home needs to feel warmer and more welcoming. A custom-made mirror can help you achieve an interesting twist on your existing décor in so many spaces and especially in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, and lobbies. With our collection of Mexican style mirrors ranging from decorative, vintage-looking iron mirrors, and tin tile mirrors, your home will not only look brighter and spacious (because any mirror can do that trick) but first and foremost it will gain a sophisticated style that truly defines your taste. The wide assortment of shapes and designs in copper, tin, and iron mirrors makes it so easy to find the perfect decoration for your home’s walls. Our punched tin mirrors depict classic and contemporary designs and undoubtedly will add a Southern feel to your interiors. Tin mirror frames are made round, rectangular, arch, or octagonal. We offer three distinctive colors among them natural, copper and coffee. Additionally, each frame can be decorated with Mexican tiles inserts that make a great addition to any room. The colorful tiles will enhance Hacienda style or Spanish colonial decor throughout your home. There are endless designing possibilities and therefore you can be sure you are purchasing a one-of-a-kind treasure from Mexican artisans.

Our decorative iron mirrors can serve as the focal point in dining rooms or entry halls. They are also suitable for businesses to enliven a restaurant room or add a lavish character in a hotel lobby. Perhaps they are the most versatile options because iron reflects both contemporary and old-world style, depending on the patina finishing for instance. If your house is influenced by a rustic style, almost any mirror with a forged iron frame will easily blend into the décor and make it even more balanced. Have a look at our online store and scroll around the  collections of  iron and tin products. We are convinced that you will find your ideal Mexican style mirror.

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