Hand-hammered Zinc Range Hood

Hand-hammered Zinc Range Hood

Without a top-quality vent hood, the smoke, odors, and grease produced when you cook will remain in your kitchen, which not only will make your kitchen look much deteriorated but is also unhealthy for your family and you. Nowadays, a powerful range hood is a must and if you also care about ecology, you will love our handmade metal range hoods. If you are looking for an affordable, durable but also stunning extractor, a hand-hammered zinc range hood is your answer. Not so known like steel or copper, zinc has many advantages to offer.

zinc range hood

The zinc range hood can become undeniably a central piece of your newly renovated kitchen. It works perfectly in commercial spaces such as open kitchen restaurants and bars as well as private households. Designed to fit your lifestyle, a handmade and custom zinc range hood will be a show-stopper that upgrades your interiors. We design zinc range hoods in a number of styles ranging from classic to modern, which can incorporate a number of textures and metal finishes. Therefore, it is a very versatile product that can be introduced in contemporary as well as farmhouse kitchens. Zinc is an attractive material choice for interior designers due to its neutral, matte finish, impeccable malleability, durability, and eco-friendly nature. For that reason, we can find it in many home design project in the last decades. Why should you choose a zinc extractor? First of all, it provides a subtle but sleek look that is very easy to pair with the pre-existing kitchen layout. If you are creating a design from scratch, you should also know that is a material that can be easily shaped without creating too much stress on its body. Consequently, our skilful artisan can manufacture custom range hoods with endless designing options in size and shape.

Despite its flexibility in shaping and creating those stunning curves, rivets and stripes, you should not misjudge our zinc range hoods. They are actually powerful appliances that will satisfy the most demanding chef. You can expect many years of happy and grease or smoke-free cooking. And if you decide to change it at some point, zinc is a recyclable material so by choosing one of our zinc range hood you also contribute to a more sustainable world. From sturdy and strong lines to delicate and decorative curvy shapes, check our collection to find your ideal hand-hammered range hood.

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