Mexican Style Equipal Furniture

Mexican Style Equipal Furniture

Let’s shake things up. Spring is at the corner and your garden, patio or balcony deserves a bold makeover. How can you make a quick change that does not cause you a headache? Consider changing your patio furniture, ensembling a powerful barbecue will make your husband busy all summer. To finish up the new décor add some joyful elements such as outdoor lanterns or led lights and first of all-bright, colorful planters because flowers are the perfect finishing touch. Who knows better how to create a fun party atmosphere than Mexicans. With our Mexican style equipal furniture, you will be able to turn your outdoor space into a gorgeous green retreat that is an expression of the finest craft and a guarantee of comfortable dining.

The equipal dining sets were and still are very popular in Mexican interior design. Nowadays you can find them in the finest of Mexican restaurants, hotel's patios and terraces. Every Colonial style household emulates beautiful rustic style that of course, includes traditional wooden equipal chairs and tables that can be found outside but also in dining rooms with a rustic flair. Why Mexican style equipal furniture are so in demand? It is a synonym of excellent artisan work. People know that they will withstand decades if maintained correctly and first of all, they are incredibly comfy! If you have a bar area in your garden, you can also check the equipal furniture collection. Apart from table and chair sets, we also produce stunning equipal bar stools, a great addition for summer cocktail parties in your garden and patio.

equipal bar stool

As for the outdoor dining sets they consist of a round table with four choirs. The construction of the table and chairs is quite similar. The base is made of cedar wood that looks as if it was braided. It adds an amazing Hacienda atmosphere to any home decor. The back of the chair is made of leather that, in the most classic version, is painted in red. However, nowadays you can find it customized into many more colors. Also, some chairs have the backrest totally covered with leather whereas others have a woven backrest that offers some breeze. Lastly, if the wood is not your cup of tea or perhaps you are afraid it can be more difficult to have it outdoors due to the weather conditions, please check our aluminum cast dining sets. All Mexican furniture is made artisanally with the best materials on the market and therefore they will serve you for many summer evenings.

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