Undermount Farmhouse Copper Sink

Undermount Farmhouse Copper Sink

If you want to elevate the look of your kitchen without getting yourself into a troublesome renovation, painting your kitchen cabinets and adding some breathtaking appliances would work for sure. If you want to make an instant change, get rid of your old, stone composite basin and change it for an undermount farmhouse copper sink. Believe me. You will never regret this decision. A custom-made copper sink will become a statement in your kitchen, regardless of style and above of that, it is just a very smart choice as far as functionality is concerned.

undermount copper sinks

Nowadays you can find copper sinks in every configuration you can imagine. There are vessel copper sinks that are ideal for small spaces such as powder rooms but there are also oval, rectangular, and round sinks that can easily be adjusted to your home’s requirements. One of the designs in handmade, copper sinks that have overcome less transformation is a farmhouse copper sink. It is a classic that has been a favorite kitchen choice of many generations. Recently, we can sense that there is a feeling of melancholy and quest for a simple life that gains popularity in interior design. Every time more homeowners look for a traditional looking apron front sink that brings a rustic, countryside flair. We could say that farmhouse copper sin has never gone out of fashion. With that being said, there are still many details that can make your metallic sink unique. When we think about a farmhouse copper sink, we imagine a rectangular sink with a deep basin and front apron that is the most visible part of this appliance. However, with us, you get to make quite a lot of additional modifications that will make your sink singular. To start with you can have a single, double, or even triple bowl sink. That really depends on your cooking and cleaning style and family size. We also offer our clients customization options in terms of the finish and layout. The farmhouse copper sinks can boost a modern flair with a smooth and shiny patina. Whereas, the exact same model treated with a darker, antique-looking patina and a hammered surface, emulates an old-world, rustic style.

Lastly, you can also customize your exquisite copper farmhouse sink by choosing the way it is installed on the kitchen counters. If your counter has already an opening that you are not willing to modify, you should go for a drop-in copper sink which is also a little bit easy to install. On the other hand, if you are designing a kitchen from scratches and you are looking for a flawless, elegant look, you must consider an undermount farmhouse copper sink. Undermount sinks get attached to the underside of the countertop for a smooth look and an easy-to-clean design. With an undermount sink, you will never get dirt and the rest of the food between the counter edge and sink which sounds very comforting.

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