Handmade Mexican Talavera Sinks

Handmade Mexican Talavera Sinks

You do not need to live in a majestic Hacienda to create a Southern feel in your home. Mexican style embodies creative, joyful interior design with lots of patterns, textures, and colors that and be achieved by adding singular pieces of furniture or native textiles, wall art, and first, Mexican Talavera ceramics in all sizes and shapes. Among artisan traditions from this culturally rich country, Talavera tiles and Talavera ceramics are still successful and renowned all over the world. Most of our clients have heard about colorful and unique Talavera tiles but less knows that we also offer handmade Mexican Talavera sinks that are as stunning as hand-painted and rustic tiles.

Mexican Talavera sinks for traditional bathrooms

Being able to offer a grand variety of Mexican ceramic products gives our clients a chance to boost an artistic and joyful Mexican feel to any style of home. With so many patterns, you will be able to combine your shower wall tiles with your brand-new Mexican vessel sink or oval and rectangular one. For those who are not so keen on rustic or colonial style, there are still many ways you can incorporate a round or oval Talavera sink, whether it will be drop-in, under-mount, or above the bathroom counter, as a vessel sink.  Choose our antique-looking products to set them against a contemporary-looking bathroom. The eclectic or transitional styles are in vogue right now. Imagine one of our handmade Mexican Talavera sinks installed on a floating ultra-modern vanity-this combination will make a difference! Additionally, Talavera ceramic sinks are a stunning way to add color to a smooth white bathroom scheme.

Classic round and oval ceramic sinks, merge traditional craftsmanship with functionality and durability. If you are looking to achieve an original layout in your bathroom, you can consider installing a hand-painted Talavera sink in your guest bathroom or powder room. Also, if you are not a fan of vivid colors, remember that the most traditional type of Southern or Mediterranean ceramic was a white and blue pattern tiles. We also have those for our Mexican design sinks. You should also know that what is called today Mexican Talavera include different cultural inspiration such as Southern Spain, Morocco, or even China. For that reason, our Mexican Talavera tiles and sinks can also be a great ally when it comes to ethnic and bohemian interiors. To finish with style, look for other unique, decorative items and furniture that will help you highlight your style. Mexican interior design has such a deep tradition and still enjoys a lot of popularity that a homeowner will find easily suitable accessories for their Mexican bathroom such as rustic forged iron mirrors.

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