Hand-hammered Mexican Copper Bathtubs

Hand-hammered Mexican Copper Bathtubs

Whichever your home’s style is, a unique copper bathtub will add the right touch of elegance and comfort to your bath. It will either perfectly match the rest of the rustic interior or be that one vintage element that contrasts the modernity of the rest. Create an exclusive bathing experience for your family and you. We are sure that with one of our hand-hammered Mexican copper bathtubs you will never want to switch to a casual and quick shower.

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Our company creates one-of-a-kind products that usually are made upon order. On one hand, it makes the process a little bit longer than buying directly in a local shop but, on the other- you are provided with a fully customized final item. Being able to offer many features that can be customized, our clients enjoy this shopping experience that allows them to buy the most suitable custom-made appliances that range from a very tall copper range hoods and corner copper bathroom sinks to personalized free-standing copper tub that can have a dark patina on the outside and a shiny polished surface on the inside walls. You can buy hand-hammered Mexican copper bathtubs as free-standing or drop-in. Within a broad and exclusive collection of copper soaking tubs, you will find a multitude of shapes, styles, and colors. Select copper patina finishing in the product options that fit best with your bathroom decor and personal taste. From polished, shiny surface to darker or lighter copper patina with hammered texture and anything in between, find the hand-hammered copper bathtub of your dreams. If you are looking for a custom-made appliance that will add a striking effect and catch all the attention, consider a freestanding tub design that includes different hues. You can order a copper tub that is treated with the coffee patina finishing on the outside and with a nickel-plated surface inside. This contrasting combination will make your bathroom boost a lavish and stunning look.

Even having a small bathroom should not discourage you from creating a soothing oasis with a Mexican tub. Our amazing blacksmiths can manufacture a smaller-size copper tub with perhaps a deeper basin so you can still enjoy the quality and beauty of our bestseller. Why should you spend four weeks waiting for a tub that you could purchase in your home appliance store? First, you will not find better quality for the price our Mexican outdoor and indoor products are sold. Secondly, copper is a natural resource that has been used in Mexico for centuries, and therefore its artisans have an extraordinary experience based on a rich blend of tradition, creative thinking, and artful work. Lastly, no onsite shop will be able to offer you custom-made appliances to the extent we can create.

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