Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Everyone wants a home that reflects their own personality and style.  Custom made home improvement is one of the best and most reliable ways that homeowners can give their house or apartment an outstanding upgrade. Our company specializes in creating unique and made-to-order copper appliances such as hand-hammered range hoods, copper kitchen or bathroom sinks, alluring custom iron mirrors and many more decorative elements like copper or zinc tabletops or clear glass lamps, all made in Mexico by skilful artisans.

custom made home improvement furnishings, fixtures and supplies

Take into account that pretty much any product that we are offering can be customized in various aspects like size, shape, color or patina finishing (in case of metallic vent hoods or bathtubs). You can choose the style that fits your decor idea or that combines with the existing layout and after that send us specific requirements prepared by your interior designer or architect on how to modify your chosen item. However, not only our ability to customize our unique, handmade products is what distinguishes us from the rest of the rustic and hand-made products' companies. Thousands of happy customers are confirming that we also creating high-quality products, back up by excellent customer service. Each new custom made order, our company is in close contact with the customer to make sure that we are able to recreate to perfection the idea for a new home improvement project. Besides, since our facility is located in Mexico, it offers great savings in manufacturing and that impacts positively on any large or small custom home improvement project. Even though the products have to be sent to the USA, Canada or Europe, the price is still incomparably cheaper with excellent quality.

Apart from being able to customize of the copper and zinc products that are already published on our Web page, we have created a specific contact form where any client can make an order of a brand new product for the home improvement project. The customer should state product type, the material it is going to be made of, dimensions, finishing and any other relevant information that will help to come up with the best proposal. We will get back to you once your custom made project has been evaluated. We work with all kind of metal, wood, Cantera stone and offer free shipping to the USA mainland. Other destinations may carry additional freight cost. The major demand in case of our factory is custom made range hoods, mirror frames and furniture. We supply a wide range of products for all your custom-made home improvement, and renovation needs from metal range hoods, copper table-tops to aluminum cast furniture for your outdoor garden.

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