Custom Iron Chandelier for Bathroom

Custom Iron Chandelier for Bathroom

If you are looking for a wow factor and a striking statement in your home design, imagine walking into a bathroom and finding the last thing you would expect in there: a fancy chandelier. Traditionally a hand-hammered iron lighting belonged to spaces like spacious hallways or dining rooms but today you can have your custom iron chandelier for the bathroom!

chandelier in the bathroom

A well-done chandelier can revamp your master bath like no other decorative element. That is why it is crucial to choose the right one for your style. Whether it is Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, and Victorian, you will be able to find the right metallic chandelier within our broad range of lighting fixtures that are displayed on our Web page or made-to-order. However, there are several aspects to have in mind while designing a bathroom with such a significant feature. In the end, you want to add a luxurious feel and unusual glow rather than completely overpower the space with your brand new custom iron chandelier. First of all, remember that electricity and water is a dangerous couple. Some countries have a specific regulation about installing lighting fixtures of this substantial size. We would recommend you check that with your local electrician before purchasing one of our stunning pieces. Because of the electrical requirements, a chandelier works best in bathrooms with high or vaulted ceilings. Vintage chandeliers look best in bathrooms that are at least 100 square feet. However, if your bathroom is a little bit more humble, do not give up. You can make a chandelier work in a smaller bathroom by choosing a small fixture rather than a large and long one. Perhaps cast iron chandelier “Luna” would be suitable for this purpose with quite clear and simple design, and with 6 candles-alike lights resting on one bowl.

Another important issue is the layout. Where can you install your customized iron chandelier to make the most of it and create an outstanding, cohesive look? Perhaps the most dramatic design would be to place it above a freestanding copper bathtub. You get to mix two beautiful metals and two powerful appliances. The other idea would be to hang it in the middle of the room, perhaps between the shower area and the sink vanity. This will work very well in smaller bathrooms. Generally speaking, to choose the best custom iron chandelier for the bathroom you should follow the overall style of the room. Because they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and finishes, finding the right chandelier will be an effortless task and will add an air of sophistication to your interiors.

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