Create Lavish Style with Iron Chandelier

Create Lavish Style with Iron Chandelier

Nowadays, it seems like the interior design industry focuses on practicality. All elements of the decor must serve some purpose, forgetting that your home's furnishing and appliances should also express your taste and look incredible. In the past, people would appreciate the detailed work of the craftsmen. Flamboyant and unique designs in windows and facade or interior lighting fixtures were standard in the middle class's homes. Even the most insignificant details such as window guards or stair risers balustrade would depict excellent craftsmanship. In the spirit of the good old days, our company offers ornamental and impressive handmade decor such as handcrafted interior furniture or appliances with singular, carved patterns. Create lavish style with the iron chandelier that will transfer an ordinary dining room into a luxurious ballroom.

lavish custom black iron chandelier in a living room

Our experienced and creative metalsmith is producing rustic style lighting fixtures for all size homes. You might think that a striking iron chandelier fits only in the millionaire's home, yet we encourage you to discover our collection of forged iron chandeliers that include all shapes and sizes. Our pendant lamps mostly depict an old-world feel ranging between rustic, Medieval and Art deco which can be easily matched to any style décor. The back iron chandelier is one of our best selling products as it fits private residences as well as commercial spaces such as spacious dining areas in bars and restaurants, conference rooms or hotel's lobbies. If you are a business owner, we can assure you that you will not find a better quality-price standard than custom-made metal décor made in Mexico. Not only do we offer the best price on the market, especially in comparison with the USA or Canada but our execution is seamless. Our workshops are located in Guanajuato area which is renowned for excellent craftsmanship for many generations. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more economical option, please check our sale page where at that moment we have a stunning iron chandelier model called “Castillo”. In the case of this outlet offers, you will not be able to ask for any customization because it is a final product so please verify the measurements of each product.

Except for the items on sale, all our pieces of furniture and appliances are created to match the individual customer’s needs. We offer custom sizes as well as opportunities to make changes in design elements. They may include several lights, tiers in a chandelier, etc. We have a big capacity to customize any design. Create a lavish style with an iron chandelier and combine it with other exquisite products for dining or living room such as copper dining table with iron base or  iron frame mirrors. We all deserve a little bit of extravagance.

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