Copper Soaking Tub

Copper Soaking Tub

There are two versions of a colonial copper soaking tub as far as I know. The soaking tub was meant for one or two persons. Differences between both copper tub styles are not that great but still important. A tub for one usually has a drain hole located on the bottom at one end. Larger tubs designed for two bathers will most often have the hole cutout right on the center. It makes using the bathtub much more convenient. In case of a single soaking copper tub, depending on the design one end wall might be taller than the one you would normally have your legs positioned. But as I said, it depends on the tub styling. Some of them are elevated on a decorative or plain base separating the soaking tub from the floor. It has its advantages and vice versa. It is much easier to place plumbing connections underneath and hide them from the view of anybody entering the bathroom. Such configuration may be important when installing the tub with a pedestal in American style somewhere in a middle of the room. Indeed, there are some soaking copper tub buyers who prefer to have a metal pipe connecting it to the house drain visible as they think it is cool looking. This kind of plumbing fixture connection is most often used in lofts and contemporary houses.

A benefit of double slipper copper soaking tub is having two occupants in mind characterizes either the same height all around the lip or what is more typical two end walls taller than the middle. It serves two purposes especially when the tub is placed on fixed stand which is usually more less four inches tall adding that to the tub height overall. Taller walls make more conformable for two people seat in it while the low section makes more accommodating to get in and get out of the soaking tub.

copper soaking tub

Regardless vessel sink or soaking tub design and shape, Custom Made buyers are presented with a number of useful options when looking at the tub on its detail product page. You select tub width and choose patina color finishing. You can also request special customizing the tub further by adding a useful over flow fixture made of copper and welded permanently to the tub using a special torch. Based on prior experience ti takes on average five weeks to fabricate a soaking tub from copper and ship to the US and Canada destinations.


Jul 31, 2020


Jul 31, 2020



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