Copper Bathtub Benefits

Copper Bathtub Benefits

Who would not dream about a long relaxing soak benefit in a comfortable traditional copper bathtub? It could be a free-standing double-slipper bathtub or a smaller sized but the effect is exactly the same. You would feel like in an exclusive home spa. Not many people know, but a clawfoot copper bathtub have countless benefits apart from the aesthetic. Actually, there are a lot of myths existing such as difficult maintenance or high price. However, the truth is quite the opposite. The fact is that custom copper bathtubs require no maintenance. High-quality metal, like the one we are using in our production, virtually takes care of itself. To help maintain your  coppersmith bathtub with a base, rinse with water and dry completely after each use to prevent spotting. Not to mention it is the most hygienic metal of all. The surfaces eliminate more than 99% of bacteria known to be human pathogens within just two hours. This means that bacteria literally cannot live on the surface. Another advantage of using this incredibly bright and exclusive material for bathroom sinks and tubs what our customer reviews suggest.

soaking copper bathtub benefits

Another soaking copper bathtub benefits that few people knows about is that it retains the water temperature much better than fiberglass. Great news for all of us who love spending “hours” in a bath as it means that you don’t have to add further water if you wish to have a long soak, which is better both in terms of the environment and also for your water and energy bills. There are some more obvious advantages and one of them is its durability. A hand hammered copper is incredibly durable. Any bathroom hardware made of this metal will add a bold statement to your bathroom. It is one of the best material for manufacturing bathtubs, bathroom sinks and shower stalls. While they are not that cheap with constantly changing prices due to raw material price fluctuations on world markets, Mexican copper bathtub benefit is that is a guaranteed long-term investment. Its strength and resilience mean that they will last a long time, and also be harder to damage or scratch, especially when compared to an acrylic bath. Apart from increasing your property value, a soaking copper bathtub creates unique character usually associated with luxurious bathrooms.

As far as the benefits of a hacienda copper bathtub aesthetics, it has a unique characteristic known as a living finish. When left untreated, it interacts with the environment will start to deepen in color and tone over time. When copper begins, it is a pinkish hue that will gradually darken the color as it passes through tan and coffee browns until it finally stops at a deep, rich tone. Both free-standing and custom drop-in copper bathtub is handmade in few places in the world like India, Pakistan, China and Mexico. The bathtub production involves hammering metal into the desired shape often in desired size and with a made to order design. It can be used for any style of home. Whether your preference is a country feel, Spanish hacienda or modern type bathtub, you cannot go wrong when buying a copper bathtub from Custom Made.


Jul 31, 2020


Jul 31, 2020



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