Wrought Iron Mirror Frames

Wrought Iron Mirror Frames

Back in the old days, the rectangular and square wall mirrors were used as necessary vanities in bathrooms and perhaps you could have found them in some exclusive mansions in the dining rooms or living rooms. The use of custom made mirrors was reserved predominantly for the elites. However, today anyone can enjoy a reflection in a stunning and elegant mirror such as a model with designer wrought iron mirror frames. Our company is an expert in metalwork using the ancient techniques of Mexican metal-smiths. myCustomMade decorative products whether an iron mirror frame, metal tabletop or any of our Mexican lightning fixtures represents a precise and exquisite handmade execution, using metals of the highest quality. Mexico as one of the main maker of metals such as copper and silver preserves a long history of creating most amazing metal home art and crafts. You can detect their love for decorative details in pretty much any historical Hacienda or palace. The metal framed mirrors are no exception.

The broad collection of designed mirrors features models that are ornamented with hand painted Mexican tiles, copper oven hoods and iron chandeliers. Each type of those mirrors offers a completely different look and brings on an individual style that represents the taste of the homeowner. Create your dreamed mirror with our customization menu options. Before opting rustic designs, check CustomMade customer comments and then think about which vibe you desire to build up with your new, decorative mirror. Do you need a simple, let's say more of a utilitarian mirror for your master bathroom or powder room? Maybe you are looking to fill up the empty walls in your bedroom, dining room or a hallway? In that case, take into account the existing vibe of your space and then select a Spanish iron mirror frames that reflects that style.

colonial wrought iron mirror frame on a wall

Our iron mirrors are custom made in both modern and traditional designs. This metal looks fabulous in contemporary forms and shapes but it was born to embellish Old European or Art Deco mirrors as well. The colonial style uses a lot of metal items as well because they introduce this warm, rustic flair that is indispensable in Hacienda type of homes. Your brand new forged iron mirror can be employed as an artwork on its own if you order it in a considerable size. It can help you to make your room seam spacious and brighter and also add a welcoming environment, especially in the hallway which is the first space your guests will see. Therefore, if you want to express that you are a traditional type of a person, opt for one of the colonial wrought iron mirror frames hang on the wall above a copper vessel sinks. They have usually complicated designs and the patina finish that you can choose should be a little bit vintage and distressed. For offices and loft, we recommend one of the contemporary versions with simple frames and natural finishing that adds some bliss and light into the space.


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