Round Copper Dining Table

Round Copper Dining Table

A round copper dining table is an excellent choice for today’s popular, open-concept living spaces and for rustic dining rooms that need saving some space. The copper is easy on the eyes and suitable for everyday use. Moreover, it is an excellent material that can upgrade your set-up, creating a perfect scenery for formal occasions, like a dinner party or a holiday meal. Keep reading if you want to turn your casual dining room into a lush and sophisticated spot.

custom hammered copper table in a residential dining room

Our custom made copper table collection is created in a broad array of styles from Old World, Spanish, Colonial to Tuscan. Any round, copper dining table you choose will add warmth and timeless charm to your home décor. Our dining tables are made of copper tabletop and wrought iron base. They are all characterized by quality materials and fine craftsmanship. The stunning iron base gives the overall look extra points in the aesthetics of the table. The base is actually the part that set apart one design from the other. Some of our copper designs are quite sleek and modern with clean, sturdy forms. Modern lines go very well with earthy materials. Others, enhance the lush and comfort with scroll patterns and curves in the design. Just have a look at the handmade copper dining table” where the sophistication of iron, curved legs pairs with a beautiful patina of hand-hammered copper tabletop. Instantly, this round, copper table will bring the old European feel to any room and elevate its style. Apart from various base designs, you can also customize your copper table by choosing the right patina finish. We offer all of our copper pieces of furniture in natural fired, honey and dark coffee patina. By changing the shade of the tabletop you can manage to create a more cohesive look and make your new custom made table blend with the existing style.

Elegant lines and rustic appeal are not the only strengths of the round copper dining table. It is also extremely durable, making it suitable for families with young children and even toddlers. The maintenance of the copper is also simple. You just need water and soap and leave the rest to the copper as it is the most hygienic of all metals and has antibacterial properties. Obviously, a round table can also accommodate more chairs than a square one so you can organize many family celebrations by our hand-hammered copper tables. Our copper dining tables are unique works of art, each made individually in Mexican cradle of the coppersmith.

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