Outdoor Equipal Chairs from Mexico

Outdoor Equipal Chairs from Mexico

For most of the Mexicans, they remind them of their grandparents' patios, however, for the rest of the world, outdoor equipal chairs from Mexico are the latest trend in rustic and sustainable furnishings. If you are decorating your garden, veranda or even balcony and you are an aficionado of a rustic style, the equipal dining sets made of leather and wood is all that you need for comfortable accommodation.

Mexican patio equipal chairs in terra cotta red color pig skin

First, there were the colorful and light Acapulco chairs that had driven the attention to Mexican designs for most cozy and relaxing pieces of furniture for gardens and verandas. For what is worth, Mexicans do know everything about spending time outdoors and cherish joyful moments at family and friends fiestas. It is a fact that the Mexican style architecture grants a special place for home's exterior areas, especially courtyards and patios. There is an additional value in beautiful, hand-made equipal chairs knowing its rich and long history. It is proven that they were designed already in the Aztec Empire. According to history, the equipales were considered by pre-Hispanic cultures as thrones, seats worthy of the gods. Recognized as a symbol of power and testimony of different social statuses, as they were reserved for the highest social class members such as priests and tribe's chiefs. More then five hundred years later, the equipal design is still as fashionable and beloved by Mexicans as it used to. The craft was passed down through generations and nowadays, our skillful artisans are still elaborating each chair manually with almost the same organic materials that provide both comfort and aesthetic pleasure. The art of creating outdoor equipal chairs from Mexico requires exceptional skills since all the elements are carved with a curved tool. Later all cedar elements are varnished and the pig leather painted with reddish terracotta or darker tobacco colors which customer can choose from.

Being all earthy and natural materials, equipal design blends rustic details with an organic shape, making it cozy seating for just about any space in the home. There are many modern interior designs that incorporate traditional equipal chairs from Mexico in the interiors of farmhouse style dining rooms. You can give an original spin on a vintage version of equipal chairs by painting the wooden parts with more contemporary tones and decorate them with colorful cushions that will bring a touch of coziness for your guests and family to relax during those casual evening parties. However, where they fit best is in the outdoor living spaces, for sure. Outdoor equipal chairs from Mexico will add a revealingly rustic touch to any open space and you can pair them with other natural pieces of furniture and decorating elements such as aluminum cast dining sets or Mexican ceramic tiles or some old-world lighting fixtures.

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