Handcrafted Zinc Vent Hood on Sale

Handcrafted Zinc Vent Hood on Sale

Zinc is one of the most effective metals to create contrasting but very sophisticated designs. A hand-hammered range hood can be the highlight of your kitchen but also zinc has a very subtle hue that goes well with the majority of colors arrangements. Zinc is used for home ware for many centuries and its sophisticated grayish hue works greatly for high-end appliances and decorative elements. If you are looking for an affordable but still spectacular model, we would like to recommend you pop onto our Sale page. From time to time, a stunning, handcrafted zinc vent hood on sale will appear at a spectacular price and high-quality finishing like all of our custom-made products.

zinc range hoods in wall version hanging in a kitchen

My Custom Made offers a broad collection of zinc, copper, and iron hoods, and every design can be further customized. In the case of our discounted items, the situation is quite different because they are already a finished product. They are usually the result of a purchase that was not finished, or it can be an extractor that has returned to the manufacturer because of damage during the shipping. Once the zinc vent hood is back, our amazing experts repair any possible imperfection so the hand-hammered hood can go back on sale. This time, we cannot customize size, patina, or shape and for that reason, the price is very alluring. You have a brand-new zinc vent hood on sale for an unthinkable price. For instance, at that very moment, you can find the “Anchorage” zinc vent hood on offer. It is one of the most intricate designs as it incorporates two types of metals: zinc and copper. The crown molding is hand-hammered from zinc and it has decorative, vertical straps and a broader banc in the bottom made of high-quality copper. The result is a stunning piece of blacksmith art. The zinc brings a serious elegance, copper, on the other hand, boos a welcoming, warm ambiance in the kitchen. It is a power couple!

 Our artisan-made zinc range hoods are suitable in an infinite of decors. One of the most appropriate settings for this smooth metal with a cool tone would be modern, almost minimalist kitchens. In that case, our zinc extractor will affirm a contemporary approach and integrate with other modern kitchenware. We would definitely recommend you order it in natural smooth patina which has this mirror-alike aesthetics. For a style that blends modernity with an antique flair, buy a zinc vent hood treated with darker patina finishing. Finally, farmhouse style can benefit from a vent hood with an antique patina option and some vertical or horizontal straps and rivets. Rustic zinc vent hood will make a great combination with our farmhouse copper apron sinks so check those as well.

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