Hand-hammered Country Copper Dining Table

Hand-hammered Country Copper Dining Table

If you are looking to add some rustic and country feel to the décor of your home or business, our custom copper furnishings with an antique look will boost the old-world atmosphere. The hand-hammered country copper dining table has become a bestseller in recent years as the rustic style got trendy once again. With unique hues and various designs of our custom copper tables, you can create a statement in any style settings, whether it is a dining room, eat-in kitchen or shaded patio.

country copper dining table

The current market offers so many, fashionable designs in furnishing that usually it is very easy to fill your home with vanguard items. However, if you love a farmhouse environment with a touch of melancholy for the country lifestyle, there are very few companies that can offer high-quality and made-to-order products. Probably, you can get some vintage gems in the antique shops or flea markets, but not all of us have time and resources to go for vintage hunting. My Custom Made offers the same stunning look of an authentic, ancient copper dining table but made especially for your home's requirements. The rich combination of warm copper tabletop and sleek iron bases makes any hand-hammered country copper dining table from our broad and diverse collection, a show-stopper. We can imagine that regardless of style, a custom-made copper table will draw the attention of any guest. This captivating metallic fusion creates a statement in any style of the dining room or open kitchen. It is also highly recommended for chic bars and soulful restaurants not only due to its one-of-a-kind aesthetic but also because of its easy maintenance. Although natural copper is prone to change its hue during the process of oxidizing if treated your copper table will stay unchanged. If you order a copper dining table with one of our patina finishing, you will enjoy its looks for decades or longer.

All our home deocr copper products are handmade in Mexico by a professional coppersmith that is masters in the country and rustic style for centuries now. Many tourists and interior designers travel to Mexico each year to find these kinds of artisan-made treasures because they know their worth. Buying antique-looking appliances and pieces of furniture is a guarantee of comfort, functionality and year of use. Copper is a long-lasting metal that is very flexible when you work on it but once finished is strong and sturdy. That is why a hand-hammered country copper dining table is a great option for decorating restaurants and bars with a country theme. They will create an exclusive but comfortable atmosphere for your clients.

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