Fresh Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Fresh Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The transformation of the kitchen backsplashes is just amazing. From less appealing surfaces whose only purpose was to protect walls from water, grease and food splatter, the decorative kitchen backsplash today is one-time opportunity to add a unique accent, a pop of color, light and surprising texture. If you get bored with the current look of your cooking area, here are some fresh kitchen backsplash ideas to bring more personality and style into your home.

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You might say that a marble backsplash is a timeless choice and a classic option that will fit in any kitchen style, and that is probably true. However, think about all the fun and enjoyment you can experience while doing your daily choir over a view of some remarkable piece of the unique backsplash. It makes you like cleaning the dishes a little bit more (if possible). Also, the traditional approach to a splash back was a four-inch structure. However, modern designers have broken that rule some time ago, and now we can enjoy stunning kitchen decor with hhandmade tile backsplash from the top (where the upper cabinets finish) until the counter. You can also order a square-shaped backsplash made from some shiny and jazzy metal that almost look like a mirror and catch the eye of any quest. By that, you can either create a contrast against the furnishings that would come in some completely different material, or it can be a harmonious complement to your range hood or stove made from steel or copper. Our company love creating customized designs for our clients' unique renovation projects. The kitchen copper backsplashes we create can be as long as the whole wall of your kitchenette, or perhaps you want to install it in the area of your sink or oven. That is up to you. We just need you to send us the exact measurements and the copper patina of your choice. Being a high traffic area, we do not recommend to leave your copper untreated. It will oxidize with time, and maintenance can be time-consuming. However, our clients can order any custom copper product with a specific patina finish achieving a broad range of looks from modern, sleek to rustic and weathered.

On the other hand, if the metallic look is not your cup of tea, change your boring cement or concrete tile backsplash for truly authentic pieces of ceramic art that our Mexican tiles represent. Again, you have plenty of options to consider, from thousands of patterns and tone combination to different textures between classic Talavera tile and high relief tiles. Do not forget about kitchen tile murals! Explore all the fresh kitchen backsplash ideas we already posted on our web page. We believe that with our handcrafted products you will be able to achieve a stylish and, of course, functional backsplash.

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