Freestanding Copper Tub for Bathing Delight

Freestanding Copper Tub for Bathing Delight

Purchasing a custom-made copper bathtub is not the cheapest but think of it as a real investment. You will gain comfort and your bathroom will look luxurious and so relaxing. If you are sailing your house, having a copper tub will upgrade the value of your property just like having a copper range hood in your kitchen. Whenever you are remodeling your house for a possible sale or just to refresh your bathroom’s decor, a freestanding copper tub for bathing delight will make your life more pleasant. Simply, copper is a fashionable material that looks stunning in both traditional and contemporary schemes.

copper bathroom tub with clawfoot installed in a middle of the bathroom

Showers are great and practical, but a bathtub is a blissful retreat for the body and mind. A hand-hammered copper tub is an indulgence that perhaps you do not need but you will not be able to leave without. If you have decided to go for a copper tub, we congratulate you. It is one of the best materials for that purpose. Flexible but sturdy and durable. Fancy and rustic at the same time. Our freestanding bathtubs can be ordered as customized models. From size, shape, and copper patina, our clients can have a direct impact on the final design of their custom copper products. There are additional elements that can make your tub unique and a real gem. You can for instance consider adding legs made of other material or treated with another patina, so the final look adds a stunning contrast of the body of the tub made of warm, reddish copper with another, chosen material that decorates this clawfoot tub. Your soaking copper tub can be polished and give a mirror-like aspect, or it can have a very antique, vintage appeal. This broad range of finishing gives us the opportunity to offer copper tub models for any style of bathroom. The tub can be of smaller measurements for a modest bath, or it can be large enough to share your baths with a spouse. For bathtubs for small bathrooms, we do recommend buying them a little bit deeper in a way of Japanese deep tubs.

Apart from the aesthetics, why a copper freestanding tub is such a delight? If we tell you that you can also save some money having this outstanding appliance, what would you say? Copper benefits are incredible and not many people know them. Copper is a great conductor of heat. This means that when the bath is filled, the water retains an even temperature throughout. It will also stay hotter for longer, better than in a cast iron bath, for instance. That is why copper is ideal if you like long, relaxing soaks.

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