Decorative Copper Dining Table

Decorative Copper Dining Table


Bring a hint of lush to your living space with a decorative copper dining table. No matter how small your dining area is, you can order a custom-made dining room set that will turn your dinners and parties into a glamorous event. Enjoy years of family dining around a unique and sophisticated table made of high-quality copper, wood, and iron. Consider highlighting an old-world feel by adding other custom copper products (for example copper light fixtures or iron mirror frames). They will complement harmoniously a rustic setting that you are designing.

round copper table

The table that is the centre of operation of the family needs to be sturdy, durable, and most importantly comfortable and striking. Whether you have a generous dining room or an eat-in kitchen, your interior design can include a beautiful and one-of-a-kind decorative copper dining table. The only difference is that if you have a small dining area that blends into cooking space, you might order a smaller size table (about 36 inches) that sits two diners. In the case of large rooms, your imagination will be your only limit. Our hand-hammered metal products are integrally made upon order and adjustable to the needs of each client. As a standard, you can choose between five sizes and three patina colors (natural, honey, and coffee) in each model of the copper table. However, additionally, our customers have the option of contacting us with specific measurements that will fit their dining room layout. Therefore, if you are dreaming about an urban version of a barn table made of copper and iron to accommodate a big group of people, our skilled coppersmiths can make it happen. All our round copper tables are handcrafted, and for that reason, each hammering is unique and inimitable. 

The copper dining table consists of a wooden board covered in exclusive copper and it is supported by an elegant and sturdy iron base with curled feet. We offer multiple types of forged iron bases that reflect a broad range of styles from Victorian, Colonial, Spanish, and Art Deco. Due to the large array of designs, our decorative copper dining table serves as extremely versatile home furnishing that can adorn modern and vintage ambiences. It performs greatly both as a functional object that is not easy to break or deteriorate and a statement for dining rooms, open concept kitchens, and even covered patios. Enjoy your round copper table for many years to come and once you feel like changing your décor, remember that one of the copper's benefit is that it is 100% recyclable material so choosing our product is also an eco-friendly decision. 

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