P3 Vibrasonic Molechaser Pest Repeller

P3 Vibrasonic Molechaser Pest Repeller

This pest repeller is a state of the art device the most advanced and powerful deterrent available against underground intruders. It works to deter moles gophers voles shrews pocket mice ground squirrels and many other destructive burrowing rodents. The Molechaser's unique design utilizes a patented DC motor drive which generates powerful vibrations that though harmless to humans and pets are devastating to underground-dwelling rodents. Simply bury the Vibrasonic Molechaser flush in the ground and it will go to work to repel destructive underground critters within about a 13500 sq. ft. area. That's up to 1/3 of an acre! Within 7-14 days of continuous use the intruders will have moved out to a new home. Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Provides Up To 13500 Sq Ft Of Coverage

  • Gets Rid Of Moles Voles Gophers Shrews & Other Burrowing Rodents

  • Patented Motor Drive Generates Powerful Vibrations That Though Harmless To Pets & Humans Are Irritating To Rodents

  • Intermittent Emissions Minimize Chance That Rodents Will Become Immune To Effect

  • anodized With Rich Gold Tone & Crafted From A Single Billet Of Aluminum To Ensure Lifetime Performance

  • Watertight Cap Allows Easy Insertion At Ground Level Protecting Lawnmower & Making It Virtually Invisible

  • Patented Battery Cylinder Allows User To Change Batteries Without Removing Unit From Ground