Cyclops Ranger Cree Xpe 1-watt 126-lumen Headlamp (black)

Cyclops Ranger Cree Xpe 1-watt 126-lumen Headlamp (black)

The Ranger CREE XPE 1-Watt Headlamp by Cyclops provides 20126 lumens with a 1W clear bulb center light and features 4 modes--center white light only 3 green LED bottom lights only 4 red side lights only or strobe on 4 red side lights. The Cyclops Ranger is weather resistant in an ABS rubberized housing and comes with a 3-layer nylon adjustable cross-strap elastic headband. Batteries will last approximately 5 hours.

20-126 Lumens

  • 1w Clear Bulb For Center Light

  • 4 Modes--center White Light Only 3 Green LED Bottom Lights Only 4 Red Side Lights Only & Strobe On 4 Red Side Lights

  • Weather Resistant

  • Abs Rubberized Housing

  • 3-layer Nylon Adjustable Cross-strap Elastic Headband

  • 5-hour Burn Time

  • Includes 3 AAA Batteries

  • Black