victorian patio furniture
victorian patio furniture
victorian patio furniture set color option
victorian patio furniture green finish
victorian patio dining set black option
victorian patio dining set white color
victorian patio veranda dining set gold finishing

Patio Dining Set "Victorian"

Victorian furniture for dining outdoors in patio and garden. This metal furniture is offered for sale with various finishing options including green, white, black, rustic gold and silver. We can paint it in other colors upon receiving specific request. Our Victorian patio set is made of a standard size table and four chairs.

  • Patio furniture style "Victorian"
  • Table dia 40" (100cm), height 27" (43cm)
  • Chair height 33" (84cm), width 23" (56cm)
  • Seat height 16" (39cm), dimensions 17"x 17" (44cm)
  • Four to five free delivery to the US mainland