Tabletop Water Fountains

Tabletop Water Fountains

If you are remodeling your outdoor area you can add both rustic style and the relaxing sound of flowing water. Incorporate to your patio space tabletop water fountains custom made of wood, stone imitation and Mexican Cantera with handmade relief ceramic tiles. They are designed for wall, tabletop or floor application. Take a look at our collection of fountains for a garden, veranda and park. Some of the fountains are solar powered and others are a plugin. Custom fountains are a great decorative idea for creating outdoor decor. From rustic, oriental or more sophisticated type, you will find anything you are looking for improving your house outdoors. Besides, they are very easy to install as there is no plumbing work involved with their easy-to-assemble solutions.

If your decoration is country, check out our Apple Barrel Fountains. The water flows from a jug at the top of the pedestal and down through two more bowls before ending up in an urn at the base. It is creating sparkling waterfalls cascade from spout to spout down the faces of three stacked bushel baskets. This generously sized fountain with mexican tiles and genuine wood trim adds bountiful rustic flair to your outdoor surroundings. On the other hand, if your garden is oriental style and you are missing a wow-element, you should definitely explore our Buddha tabletop water fountains collection.  Calming Good's Head introduces you into the world of Asian peacefulness. This tabletop fountain will add a zen-like calm to your back-yard. Made from ceramic the soothing sound and sight of water cascading down the top of this sculptural piece of functional art will be a welcoming addition to your decorations and patio dining table set. It is made the way he reclines within the shelter of his temple as cascading blessings flow from his glowing basket.

A faux-stone tabletop fountain is a perfect centerpiece for your own shrine of serenity. If you are dreaming of creating a secret, fairy tale garden, we also have some options for you. Fairy Solar Water Fountains, for instance,  features a scene from treasured childhood tales as a pair of fairies plays in the crystal waterfalls. The magic of solar power lets you add this fountain to your favorite spot without tangled cords or an optional electrical plug for overcast days.

Fountains can be functional, as they might be an actual source of water, but in reality, they are, in most cases, more decorative than anything else. The tabletop water fountains cascade calms your nerves and adds refinance to your homestead outdoors. Perhaps they are not indispensable but without any doubt, they become a true key part of any original home improvement to the patio or front yard.

tabletop water fountain

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