Slim Iron Vent Hood

Slim Iron Vent Hood

The custom made slim iron vent hood has become an essential domestic appliance when it comes to furnishing a kitchen. It is not only keeping the atmosphere in your kitchen clean and smoke-free but also it can influence in the elegance and style of your home decor. If your kitchen requires a slim iron vent hood that will upgrade your interiors. There are many innovative range hood designs in our offer and you can choose anyone that best fits your kitchen necessity. The asset in case of #mycustommade is that we specialize in fabricating metal furnishings such as zinc, wrought iron and copper.

slim metal range hood installed as wall mount in a kitchen

All our wall iron vent hood products are customized and due to that precise work all of the pieces are unique and they can be produced in any size, shape and designed in any type of finishing that our clients require. Today we want to show you how stylish a slim and tall iron vent hood can be. Just have a look at this post's photo. This iron vent hood is a perfect example of mixing various metal finishing on a single kitchen appliance. The vent hood body is made of natural color sanded metal and later decorated with black iron straps. The vent hood apron was decorated with rusted iron. This metal piece of art embodies a real bold statement for a mix of a traditional and modern style of the rest of the kitchen. Partially it becomes a focal point because of such a tall and slim appliance. You cannot walk beside it and not notice it. It is simply a captivating hood that combines to perfection with the hues of the cabinets and the color of rustic tiles at the backsplash. The whole design is harmonious and elegant and it confirms that once you choose wisely the location and the type of the iron vent hood, nothing can go wrong.

Before the purchase, there are many aspects functional and creative, you should have in mind while choosing your Mexican slim iron vent hood. First of all, the Mexican island range hood goes where the stove is so basing on that you choose a wall mount or island type. If your choice is a wall mount you can install it between the counters and either you would wish it to stand out and be striking decorative element or to match it smoothly with the kitchen decor. Our custom iron vent hood can be designed with many different finishing giving it modern appearance. In addition, hammering techniques can vary. It can be round or irregular making this precious metal more or less antique. Our staff can help you choose the best option for your custom made kitchen and adjust to your specific needs. However, working in metals is a time-consuming production so the time of the delivery (which is free of charge) can be around five weeks but the final product which is a custom made slim iron vent hood with straps and extractor is worth waiting.


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