Simulated Home Security

Simulated Home Security

Are you worried about security of your house but at the same time uncertain whether spending a lot of money is what you need to protect yourself and your belongings? Well, consider installing on your house exterior a simulated security camera. For about fifteen dollars you will get a real looking camera with a small red light indicating recording. Even though, this fake security camera is not connected to any equipment, it looks very real. In fact, it is made of all components the security camera would be made of with the exception there are no electronic components inside. It even has a cable attached to it to make any potential thief think twice. No doubt anybody with the intention braking in to your home wouldn't be interested to be recorded while committing the crime.

Real and Simulated Security Camera

In our myCustomMade online store in Home Hardware collection for home security improvement you will find a few tips and camera available ranging from fourteen ninety nine to twenty five dollars per piece. Apart of simulated cameras we do offer fully functioning securing equipment capable of recording your property surrounding as well as inside with four cameras connected to the receiver. It has build in memory allowing viewing history on any camera for the past two weeks. It even has its own remote control. In both cases including looks like Real Security Camera it consists of a metal mounting bracket, flashing led and plastic casing. Simulated type requires two AA batteries to power the recording indicator.

simulated home security camera

Intruder Preventive Equipment

Of course, security equipment whether it is fake or real is just a part of what you can do to protect yourself inside your home. You may consider installing high quality locks and interior motion detectors products as part of the preventive measure. Such products like motion detection lighting, wireless driveway and intruder alert systems will greatly improve the securing of your property and its occupants.

simulated security camera

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