Mexican Style Outdoor Furniture

Mexican Style Outdoor Furniture

Summer is here any minute, so our gardens, terraces, patios, and balconies need a revamp. Apart from planting new flowers and cutting the grass think about refurbishing your outdoors with stunning and weather-proof furnishings. Adding new fixtures will add fresh energy to your home. If you are looking to create a rustic, laid-back atmosphere, Mexican style outdoor furniture will boost the feeling of a never-ending chill-out fiesta. Embrace the charm, elegance, and vintage appeal of Mexican decoration with our artisan-made equipal dining sets or sturdy and decorative aluminum cast dining set.

Mexican style outdoor furniture in a garden

Mexican lifestyle is established around enjoying simple things like delicious food, breathtaking landscapes, music, but mostly Mexican people love spending time in the outdoors (probably the lovely weather favours this habit). From small courtyards in the middle of the Hacienda to extensive gardens, if you are in a need of some inspiration, this magnificent country is full of decorative ideas. First of all, any Mexican garden would be incomplete without a dining area. A simple, sturdy table and set of chairs will work perfectly. To keep up the south of the border theme, select patio furniture made of heavy, rustic wood, or wrought iron. You can easily separate the dining area with some quick and easy tiling work. Discover our hand-painted Talavera tiles that can pair with your new wooden equipal table and chairs. If you are thinking about creating a fancy bar space, you can embellish the counter with some colorful tiles and get some comfortable Mexican bar stools to finish the layout. For those homeowners who are preoccupied with having wooden furniture in their garden, you can always choose the patio dining sets made of aluminum. Those metal furnishings have a hacienda design that suits perfectly rustic, Spanish, colonial or country style. They are hand-painted with vintage finishing options and many of them are designed with Victorian flavour. Usually, more than one color is used to create a Spanish furniture appearance. You can actually choose among five different colors for your patio dining sets. Mexican style outdoor furniture can be as colorful as any other home feature. Just check the remarkable dining set “Sleeping Woman” that presents a lovely pattern hand-painted on the back of each chair and the tabletop. We also offer flowery designs that will complement beautifully the green scenery of your gardens and patios.

Decorating the exteriors, you should take an extra effort in finding durable elements. However, with our Mexican style outdoor furniture you do not have to compromise on the look. They will withstand many seasons looking charming and elegant just like on the first day. Our collection of patio dining sets can also be matched with some of ours outdoor lighting fixture to highlight the Colonial flair. All products are made by skilful artisans in Mexico that love sharing their craft with the rest of the world, spreading the cheerful and artistic feel of our masterpieces.

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