Home Hardware Products

Home Hardware Products

Out of our experience in home remodelling and manufacturing great quality furnishings, we know very well that the good tools are half of your success in home renovation and improvements. From now on myCustomMade page, our clients are able to purchase home hardware 24/7. Our online store offers apart of unique custom made appliances, hand and power tools, automobile accessories, kitchen supplies, sporting fitness goods and house electronic security systems.

Is your custom reconstruction project requiring handyman tools? Consider our professional hammers, screwdrivers and power drills. Among our home hardware products, you can find the Black & Decker cordless drill with a pivoting design that helps you reach areas other screwdrivers simply can't. This easy-to-use driver is perfect for professionals and home improvement enthusiasts who are looking for a respectable and compact go-anywhere tool. For those who are seeking a reliable, basic set we offer Manhattan U145 Universal Tool Kit that is perfect for any home and office repairs and additionally has a lifetime warranty.

For those who look for undiscovered treasurers, sophisticated metal detectors and Dorcy or Maglite flashlights are also available for immediate delivery within our hardware.

You have redecorated your kitchen with our charming Talavera sinks, custom range hoods and cooper table? Now, what you need are some kitchen supplies. From beautifully designed toaster, waffle or quesadilla maker to cookware, fill your gallery with the highest quality equipment. Protect your property with sophisticated house security systems day and night. Infrared capacity allows you to monitor your home in total darkness and recording cameras for up to a month. Customize surveillance settings for constant live monitoring and motion detection. In our myCustomMade store in Home Hardware collection, you will encounter a few camera models available ranging from fifteen to twenty-five dollars per piece.

Apart from simulated cameras we do offer fully functioning securing equipment capable of recording your surrounding as well as inside with four cameras connected to the receiver. It has built-in memory allowing viewing history on any camera for the past two weeks.

home hardware security products

Of course, security equipment and hardware products whether it is simulated or real is just one of the options of what you can do to protect yourself inside your property. You may consider installing high-end locks and interior movement detectors as part of the preventive measure. Such products like motion detection lighting, wireless driveway and intruder alert systems will greatly improve the securing of your residance and its occupants.

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