Farmhouse Copper Kitchen Sink with Rivets

Farmhouse Copper Kitchen Sink with Rivets

The apron front copper sinks are enjoying a lot of popularity which does not seem to decrease with the pass of time. The homeowners around the world appreciate the comfort that comes with this type of washbasins but mostly, it is the excellent look of the exposed frontal wall what keeps them a la mode. Today we are presenting you a stunning farmhouse kitchen sink with rivets that might be an elegant and rustic boost in any kitchen, no matter how small or big.

kitchen sink with rivets

The fundamental idea of an apron front sink is to offer high functionality and comfortable use by designing a rectangular form basin that is easy to approach and work with. A kitchen sink is obviously used on a daily basis so why not make the most of it with both, convenient shape and beautiful design. Our farmhouse kitchen sink with rivets, as the majority of our elaborations, can be installed as undermount or drop in. In both versions, the decorative elements on the exterior wall of the sink will be visible and you definitely should try to make it a focal point of your kitchen! The installation is easy and it gives you the opportunity to use the existing countertop and kitchen cabinetry layout. The undermount kitchen sinks are placed beneath the counters, making it a flawless integration into your cook and prep space. If our standard sizes of copper kitchen sinks do not work for you, you can always order it custom made with specific measurements. You will get a one-of-a-kind copper appliance for the price of the material that we have to employ in the production but no other extra costs will be included.

The copper apron kitchen sink “Pittsburgh” was designed for the enthusiast of the country or rustic styles. It is a perfect addition for those who are looking for long-lasting copper appliances with an unconventional “Wild Wild West” vibe created with eye-catching, lighter tone, metallic rivets hand-hammered on the front of this copper washbasin. We can imagine this model to be installed around wooden cabinetry in a farmhouse cottage but at the same time, it can be a great contrast for a modern and minimalist kitchen. The copper accessories such as copper range hoods or sinks go very well with white, cool interior decors where they add warmth and a dash of vivid colors. Additionally, choose between two patina finishing options. The darker patina pair effortlessly with more traditional styles and the light-colored kitchen sinks will look great in contemporary spaces.

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