Farmhouse Copper Sinks Supplier

Farmhouse Copper Sinks Supplier

My Custom Made is a leading farmhouse copper sinks supplier, as well as many other custom copper items including hand-hammered range hoods, antique bathtubs and bathroom copper sinks. We offer a vast array of affordable and unique apron front copper sinks along with many other designs and styles, and our prices couldn't be more competitive. Even if the product is personalized, our fee is one of the lowest on the market. We will only charge our client the extra material that was necessary to use for the elaboration of one-of-a-kind product that if chosen wisely can become a bold statement of your kitchen. Free shipping can be another reason why to opt for buying at our online store. All of our shipping is insured so we highly recommend to our customers to check their products while the shipping company is still here. If there is any damage produced during the transport, the product is sent back to our Mexican warehouse and you get a new, perfect copper sink.

 farmhouse copper sink decorating a kitchen in a country style

When looking to upgrade your kitchen, adding a custom copper sink is definitely a good idea and an astonishing way to create a rustic flair in modern and more traditional ambiences. As farmhouse copper sinks supplier, we are doing our best to broaden the collection so you can match the style of the copper washbasin with the overall look of your kitchen décor and especially the kitchen cabinets and counters. An apro-front sink is one of the most comfortable ones and if you choose a rounded apron front it even gives you an extra room while washing the dishes. There are many aspects of the custom-made copper sink that you can adjust to your taste and requirements such as size, shape, patina color and if your washbasin will have one or two bowls. Each model can be also installed as under-mounted or above the counter with a suitable lip, as a drop-in.

The homeowners around the world appreciate not only the comfort that comes with this type of washbasins. The appealing look of the exposed frontal wall is what keeps them so fashionable for so many centuries. If you have a look at our kitchen copper sinks designs, you will be able to find unique decorations such as hand-forged patterns related to kitchen environments such as grape or sunflowers. If you are looking for a sleeker design, you can order your apron front sink with a simple and sleek model that is easier to fit in any style kitchen. Being farmhouse copper sinks supplier for so many decades makes us a trustworthy partner. We know that buying one of our products will add long-term value to your property.


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