Country Style Copper Tub

Country Style Copper Tub

What does a country style bathroom mean to you? You should define first what visual effect you are looking for in your personal spa before heading to purchase your country style copper tub. Do you want it to be a classic farmhouse bath or perhaps a modern take on a country style with free spaces and open shelves? There are many aspects, both aesthetic and functional to consider before choosing your perfect old-world copper bathtub.

country copper tub in a bathroom

Gone are the dark wooden walls, busy furnishings and gloomy tones that once were synonymous with country style. Today cottage interiors still include rustic materials and handcrafted pieces of furniture but they incorporate a modern twist with delicate and effortless lines, open spaces and lighter color palette. A farmhouse bathroom might even have a shower but this article is for slow and relaxing baths aficionados. Only those who appreciate a feel of a handmade vanity with natural ageing patina will be willing to purchase a country style copper tub that can be a little bit more expensive than a ceramic or fiberglass one. Also, the benefits of a copper appliance speak by themselves, especially in the case of copper bathtubs. This precious metal retains the water temperature much better than fiberglass. Great news for all of us who love spending “hours” in a bath as it means that you don’t have to add more water if you wish to have a long soak, which is better both in terms of the environment and also for your energy bills.

Creating an unconventional and glamorous atmosphere is so much easier with our collection of hand-hammered copper bathtubs. Before the purchase, think about a space you have for your new tub. Are you eager to have a free-standing that rests gracefully on claw feet or you prefer it to stand against the wall or a window, over a stylish base with a beaded border? Are you a lonely cowboy or do you prefer a romantic bath with your significant other? We offer a broad range of handcrafted country style copper tubs that embodies many styles from traditional, perfect for colonial residences and farmhouses to modern and sleek lines that fit perfectly into an urban penthouse. One of the bestseller in recent years is a double slipper. Have a look at the “Minnesota” design. It is a radiant copper tub that will enrich the ambience of your bathroom. Resting on richly ornamented base with impressive amounts of details and beautiful finishing, this country style copper tub features a romantic double slipper design with a hand-hammered antique finish, offered in two copper patina options. Crafted by quality craftsmen, a tub by MyCustomMade is guaranteed to last for many years.


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