Copper Bathtub Patina Options

Copper Bathtub Patina Options

A custom copper bathtub patina finishing has always had an antique charm that gives the room a timeless and stylish character. The bronze patina tone of this graceful material as a centerpiece in a bathroom of any style. Whether you live in a rural farmhouse or a metropolitan penthouse, you will find the rustic copper bathtub that will set the style for the interior design. To make things easier, while purchasing a modern or country style hammered copper bathtub you are given the possibility to choose the patina color that goes smoothly with remaining furnishings and accessories. This large vanity draws the eye so completely that the rest of the bathroom's decorations and design should complement it, rather than stealing its spotlight. If you already have an idea for the decor in your remodeled bathroom, consider to buy from our collection of slipper copper bathtubs and later in the side menu for the patina finishing. Once you are confident on the design of your tub you can add some accessories and let your beautiful and lavish bathtub be your compass. Remember about the color and texture of it and try to find elements that will boost its beauty as opposed to detracting it.

copper bathtub patina options

Regardless of the copper bathtub benefits, you can make it look more contemporary or traditional. At our shop, we offer copper tubs made in light, dark, natural, oxidized and polished version. In some instances the bathtub side can be covered with a different finish, eg. darker outside and lighter or polished inside. Also, hammering can be round or irregular making it looking antique. If you evaluate all the variants you can come up with the best custom finishing solution for your dream bathroom. The advantage of the patina soaking copper bathtub is that its surface is ideal at capturing and reflecting light in darker spaces. Opting for lighter patina and have it polished can help you to brighten up a gloomy ambiance. Actually, the aesthetic of this metal is so versatile that a Mexican copper bathtub patina finishing seems elegant and contemporary, vintage and new. Therefore, with some small adjustments, the same bathroom bathtub that seemed kind of vintage or antique, can become the most modern appliance, adding an edgy appeal but still bringing a warm welcome.

Think of the shape and size you need. Do you have enough space for a double slipper bathtub or perhaps you might want to a round tub, just ideal for a one-man spa? We are offering some of the made-to-order bathtubs with extra ornaments such as rings or a clawfoot tub. The devil lies in the details so you should analyze all those aspects before clicking on the buy button. Renovate your bathroom around the antique copper bathtub and treat every bathing time like a ritual! However, have in mind that the production of the patina copper tubs is time-consuming. Be prepared to wait at least four weeks for delivery.


Jul 31, 2020


Jul 31, 2020



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