Broken Mexican Tiles

Broken Mexican Tiles

Quite popular item in our store is made of broken mexican tiles. One may ask what anybody needs broken tiles for especialy when a home improvement is concerned? There are a lot of applications. Some mosaic artists use broken mexican tiles for creative arts covering walls and floors. Others including individual home owners make using tile pieces brand new tabletops and counters. There are two principal ways of decorating with mexican ceramic tiles. You can form a custom decorative pattern with broken tiles hand painted solid or style.

broken mexican tiles patterns

Most tiles are broken in two and three pieces. We sell our broken tile lots in twenty pound cartons covering about two square feet each. Shipping broken tiles from Mexico to the US is free and delivery to Canada at competitive price.

mexican broken tiles solid colors

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Sep 07, 2017

Apart of our brand new kitchen appliances we decided to add Southeastern style to our kitchen counter by decoraing it with broken talavera tiles. We live close to the border and love Mexican colors and decorative look. We used solid color broken mexican tiles more less 1/3 of tile per each piece.

John S.

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