Welcome to Custom Made

Welcome to Custom Made

Welcome to Custom Made, a brand new online store dedicated to home hardware, unique decor and handmade furnishings. Watch our progress with constantly added new products and ideas. All orders above $50 shipped at no extra cost, free delivery. Our line consists of custom furniture for living, dining, bedroom and kitchen. Fabricated out of copper bathtubs and kitchen range hoods are our specialty.

custom made furnishings

Unlike other sits you don't have to wary about professional packing and logistics. Our team of specialists will take care of it for you. While made to order products in the US and Europe are way more expensive than regular output it is not the case when Custom Made is concerned. Our production facilities are located in Mexico so any labor and manufacturing cots savings are passed to the buyer. Compare our prices with other similar online marketers and buy your home hardware at the lowest price.

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